The FIJJIT Story

FIJJIT was born out of a universal truth for so many women. Founder Vicky Hann shares her inspiration behind the brand:

I had felt uncomfortable in gymwear for years. As life moved on and my shape changed the options for gym attire stayed the same. Instead of feeling confident I’d fidget and get frustrated, focused more on my exposed midriff than the downward dog or 10 burpees I was supposed to be doing.

Yet, one day I realised I wasn’t alone. Sharing a bench (socially distanced of course!) during lockdown with a friend, I had an epiphany when chatting… the lack of suitable gym clothes was in fact a problem shared by many women regardless of age, shape or size.

I searched high and low for alternative products. But whilst I could find the same old outfits in larger sizes, where were the outfits designed for those with a tummy? Where were the outfits for those with bigger boobs? How about a bigger bum? Or for that matter, where were the outfits for all three?!

Let’s face it, it's hard enough getting to the gym, without also feeling rubbish about your outfit! I wanted an outfit that wouldn’t make me fidget. I wanted to concentrate on the exercise, rather than the clothes I wore. And yes, I also wanted something that would flatter my whole body - lumps and bumps and all.

FIJJIT is about helping you move without worrying about what you look like. Whilst I may not be breaking press-up records. I do deserve to feel confident, comfortable and good about myself. And so do you.